Planning and Zoning Department Monthly Reports

The Planning and Zoning Department prepares monthly reports to share with the Township Board, to share with the Chelsea Area Construction Agency, or to track activities in general.

The information included in each report generally refers to the activities of the previous month.  For example, the January 2017 reports describe activities from December 2016.

The current Planning and Zoning Department reports include the following:

  • Information about zoning permits issued and closed
  • Information about code enforcement, including new and resolved violations and court activities
  • A map showing the location of all zoning permit and code enforcement activities
  • Notes from planning and zoning staff
  • A report of money collected by the department during the previous month
  • A summary of recent and upcoming Planning Commission activities
  • A summary of recent and upcoming Zoning Board of Appeals activities
  • Upcoming meetings and important dates

The New Zoning Permits reports list all of the zoning permits that have been issued the previous month, including the location and a brief description of the project.  These reports are currently available starting from January 2017.

The Monthly Map reports show the location of all issued zoning permits, closed zoning permits, new ordinance complaints/violations, and closed ordinance complaints/violations from the previous month.  These reports are currently available starting from January 2017.

Links to reports for each year are available on the menu to the left or below.

   2018 Reports

   2017 Reports

   2016 Reports

   2015 Reports

Page last updated February 7, 2018.